Long Live The Scarf!

There are certain things you would be advised to pack if you go travelling. Your passport, obviously; imodium, unless you enjoy living life on the edge; a spare set of underwear, in case you get delayed; Yorkshire tea, in case you are under the misapprehension that nowhere else in the world can produce tea as that from the famous plantations of Huddersfield.

When I was in Mumbai I bought a scarf from a stall in Worli. I bought it partly because I loved the colours, and partly because I had not yet mastered the knack of saying “no” to beaming and persistent vendors. But it’s probably now my favourite item of clothing, and is getting to be as well-travelled as I am, having ticked off 9 countries in 3 years.

In that time it’s been a scarf….


…a shawl…


…a makeshift hijab….


It’s even been a blanket on cold flights. It remains the single most useful travel purchase ever made, and this is why I felt it warranted a blog post all of its own. Long live the scarf!

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